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authorClark Selby was born in 1936 in Miami, Oklahoma, and attended school in Kansas and Oklahoma. He and his wife, Karen Serene Selby, live in Springfield, Missouri.
He spent over forty-five years in the parking industry. Clark’s work in the parking industry took him to over sixty countries on six continents.
During his years in the parking industry he served as Director of Parking for the City of Hutchinson, Kansas; Assistant Director of Transportation and Parking for the University of Iowa; Parking Consultant with De Leuw Cather & Company, a Transportation Engineering Company in Chicago and Project Manager for a parking study in Perth, Western Australia.

He worked for several years for Duncan Industries, as a Sales and Service Engineer; Director of Manufacturing, then was promoted to Vice President of International Sales and President of the company.
During Clark’s tenure as Vice President of International Sales at Duncan he was awarded the prestigious President of The United States Excellence in Exporting Award. In order to win this award you must increase export sales for three straight years of 20% or more per year and have sales of USA Products in at least three new countries each year for three consecutive years.

Clark last position in the parking industry was President of Worldwide Parking Corporation, before he retired to care for his first wife, Patricia after she became paralyzed and he continued to care for her until she passed away.

During this period Clark began writing novels while caring for his first wife. He wrote five novels, four of them about the CIA’s battle to stop al Qaeda Terrorists from harming Americans: Dangerous Journey; Dangerous Food; Dangerous Cargo; Dangerous Enemy and Together Forever.

His fifth novel was a love story based on two sixteen years old falling in love and getting married following their lives for forty-five years, the book is Together Forever. This was a fictionalized story based on Clark’s and his first wife’s life. After this book received a positive review by US Review of Books the publisher awarded the book The Gold Seal of Literary Excellence.

Clark continued to write novels after his wife Patricia passed away and he married a long time friend of both his first wife and him, Karen Serene Sweeney.

Two of his new novels were western, Indian Leader Trail Boss and Where’s My Wife. His latest novel is a sequel to Together Forever, The Power of Love picks up after Patricia became paralyzed and Clark became her full time caregiver and his life after her death and marrying Karen.

Indian Leader Trail Boss was Clark’s first western novel and he enjoyed writing it so much he wrote a second western’s, Where’s My Wife?

Indian Leader Trail Boss was award the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence from his publisher after receiving a positive review of the book from The US Review of Books.

Clark spent five years from 2008 to 2012 as Publisher of The Eateries Restaurant and Show Guide for tourists in Branson, Missouri, publishing up to 100,000 books per year.

Clark served in the Kansas Army and Air Force National Guard for more than six years before he began traveling in the parking industry and was a Sergeant in radio communications.

Clark and his wife, Karen spend as much time as possible traveling and exploring places they haven’t been and plan to keep doing it as long as their health allows them to.

Clark loves writing new novels and plans to keep doing it, as he says, “I always hope my books tell a good story.”