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Indian Leader Trail Boss

Indian Leader Trail Boss takes readers through a cattle drive with Indian Leader, Texas’ most famous trail boss on account of not having lost anyone, man or cattle, in any of his drives.

Share in his long arduous journey to Dodge City with too many miles, and too many rivers to cross.
Share in his adventures against cattle rustlers, land grabbers, and people who just want him dead. Watch him struggle and triumph and earn a woman’s love.

Indian Leader Trail Boss is an exciting, action-packed Western adventure with a dash of romance.


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Where’s My Wife?

Rocky Stone and his wife, Latesha, boarded the riverboat the Pride of St. Louis in New Orleans en route to St. Louis to meet with his publisher, Bobby Longstreet, to discuss Rocky’s latest novel Six Guns of Wichita.

Rocky and Latesha had been traveling for several weeks now, first to Louisville to visit old friends and then to New Orleans so Latesha could buy some new clothes coming in from Paris.

Boonville, Missouri wasn’t a very big town, but they loved having their home overlooking the Missouri River because it was always such a pleasure watching the changes in the river during the different seasons of the year. There was always something new to look at on their river, and they loved it. However, something unexpected is about to happen in which Rocky will ask, Where’s My Wife?


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The Power of Love

The Power of Love is author Clark Selby’s latest literary offering, the sequel to his novel, Together Forever. This undeniably compelling novel examines the highest and depths of love by showing how two people, who never expected to find love again, discovered how the power of love could let them love again and begin a new life together. Their story gives hope to everyone who has ever lost their loved one and is contemplating of opening their hearts to second chances in love.


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Two Cowboys in New York

Two Cowboys in New York is the story of what happens when two cowboys come for a friend’s wedding in the big city and find when they arrive that the bride’s father has disappeared. They offer to try to find out what happened to him after he left a meeting at the Port of New York and they become entangled with the New York’s Mafia, who was robbing passengers at the port. The Mafia never ran into adversaries like these…..


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